The platforms

    Our homes and offices rest on a floating platform that is well-tested and approved for this purpose. The platform is moored along a shore or a dock and the appearance is always adapted to the surrounding cityscape and architecture.

    The platform can be used for student apartments, rental apartments, condominiums or offices. The contructions are built with joined modules on top of the platform, which is carried out in a shipyard and then towed to its place for mooring and connection to water supply, electricity and fibre cabling. This type of building flow allows for short construction and delivery time. The platform can also be rebuilt and moved at any time. The size of the platform is either 50 x 21 meters, or 100 x 21 meters for either 50 or 100 apartments.

    Reliable and trustworthy

    The platform is built with a double hull which means that the plant can handle a really cold winter with lots of ice. The double hull also means better insulation, reducing energy consumption, as well as make accommodation secure and safe.

    A short description of our platforms

    • Standardized platforms from one of the world’s largest shipbuilders, Damen Ship Group.
    • 50 or 100 meter sizes, for 50 or 10 apartments.
    • 24 or 48 square meter homes, one or two room.
    • Quick intergration at the existing quay.
    • Architect-designed and environmentally smart apartments.
    • Blend into the existing townscape without disturbing the environment.

    Flotell Nordic AB

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    Solstigen 27, SE-131 46 Nacka, Sweden

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    Augustendalsvägen 64, Nacka Strand

    + 46 8 553 600 55