The apartments

    Modern, smart and bright apartments with endless design possibilities. All with the world's best waterfront location.

    On top of our platform we build modern 2 story apartment buildings. The entrance to the apartments is via a bright atrium where you also find common areas. The apartments are high-quality accommodations of either 24 or 48 sqm, with a a lot of natural light. All apartments have a large French balcony as standard, but can also be supplemented with a real balcony.

    Each apartment is self-contained with its own toilet and shower, fridge and freezer, unlike most other student accommodation.

    Student apartments for all

    A student facility can contain a hundred apartments on two floors. The roof can be used for offices or other common areas. The platform's hull may also be used for gym or storage. The platform's exterior can be further utilised by adding piers for cafes, docking facilities or other. The possibilities are endless.

    Fair and transparent process

    In those cases where we build student apartments, our ambition is to ensure a fair and transparent process for allocation to residents, by cooperating with local partners, universities and student unions.

    Flotell Nordic AB

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    Solstigen 27, SE-131 46 Nacka, Sweden

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