About Flotell

    Stockholm and Mälardalen have a great need to find new and suitable locations for new buildings. Projects with a waterfront location seem to be of great interest in the market.

    The municipality and other stakeholders must ensure that the new waterfront projects are designed to meet the public’s and the authorities' architectural and environmental considerations. The waterfront should not be underestimated in search of locations for appropriate housing. This is when Flotell comes into the picture.

    A bridge between supply and demand

    Flotell is a flexible, attractive and cost-effective alternative that can bridge supply and demand. Flotell builds floating homes that can be placed in the central part of a community, along existing piers. We build smart and attractive homes that are energy efficient and can minimize environmental impact. Housing projects can be adapted to different groups of accommodations. And we build homes that can be moved to where they are needed.

    Environmentally smart housing

    Our ambition is to create so-called "zero energy"-homes by utilizing efficient solutions from the latest research and development. Our facilities meet the highest environmental standards. They can be built to be essentially self-sufficient; for example, by extracting energy through heat exchange, from air and water, as well as solar cells and solar panels.

    Flotell offers

    • Architect designed homes and offices on the water at the dock or shoreline.
    • Two standard sizes of 50 or 100 apartments on 24 or 48 sqm.
    • Short construction time.
    • Choice of living type: Rent or buy
    • Environmentally friendly, energy efficient and safe accommodation.
    • Good financing options through purchase or lease.

    About Flotell Nordic AB

    Flotell Nordic AB was founded in 2016 and is owned and operated by professionals with experience in business development, municipal planning, the shipping industry, building construction, and legal activities. The company's purpose is to build and provide the accommodation as described above. Company headquarters is Nacka, Stockholm.

    Flotell Nordic AB

    Postal address
    Solstigen 27, SE-131 46 Nacka, Sweden

    Visiting address
    Augustendalsvägen 64, Nacka Strand

    + 46 8 553 600 55